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Who is Mr Wainwright?

A partaker in exploits, many of which would be considered dangerous. A collector of tales, most of which would be deemed thrilling. Mr Sidney Wainwright is a man from a more mysterious and romantic time than our own. This is probably why he is never in the here and now. If he were in the here and now though he would say that he is glad his stories have found a good home with you...


Mr Wainwright's adventure tales and historical fiction are primarily written as young adult books. They are, however, for the young and the young at heart in equal measure. When he puts pen to paper, Mr Wainwright's own fascinations are shared with other inquisitive souls in mind.  

The Curious Caretaker

Sidney Wainwright's creative works and this residence are represented and maintained by the Curious Caretaker. A friendly soul, the Curious Caretaker enjoys reading,  fine ales and a variety of outdoor pursuits.