Stories of Mystery and the Macabre

“Anything can happen in the dark…” 

After Midnight is a historical fiction collection evocative of the folk legends and cautionary tales of the unknown.  These adventure stories themselves were accumulated over several decades by Sidney Wainwright.  All the tales are born from that human fascination with mystery and the macabre.  From sinister unsolved murders or the exploits of slavers to the realms of the supernatural, and the mysteries of the human mind, these tales heighten the senses and take you back to those childhood fears that we are all drawn to once again when the lights go out.

So sit by the hearth on a dark and stormy night.  Read yourself a story or two by firelight.  Try to forget the sense that someone is there with you, watching, always just out of sight.  I warn you, once the clock chimes midnight, there is no knowing how this tale will end.

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After Midnight book cover

Generous Words on After Midnight



"I loved every word in this book. There is no doubt that Sidney Wainwright is a brilliant storyteller. Each story, had me wanting to get to the end to find out what happened and at the same time, hanging on to every sentence hoping it would keep me in this eager anticipation for a little longer." - Debbie Carr, Sydney Chic



"An engaging collection of stories told, and relayed, by two interesting men. The collection of Sidney Wainwright's stories in 'After Midnight' are an entertaining read...  The story of 'Mr Simms and Mr Redfellow' was a particular favourite of mine among the collection. It was a well rounded ending to a wonderful collection of short stories!" - An Amazon Reader


"It's been a while since I've read a book of short stories that was so engaging and enjoyable. There were the entertaining ghost stories which I loved but it was the relationship between the mysterious author and his solicitor that made this little gem so intriguing and unique.


I've always loved England and totally enjoy the little glimpses into different periods of English life whether it is about a titled family or a farmer or a soldier from one of the World Wars or a publican filled with stories and gossip about the locals; English lore fascinates me. I can't wait to read more of Mr. Wainwright's stories of ghosts and the macabre." - An Amazon Reader