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The Works of Sidney Wainwright

The evocative writings of Sidney Wainwright speak from the heart. His thrilling tales are for inquisitive souls who yearn for something more.

In his Curious Tales, can be found many exploits and mysteries that will thrill to the core but also warm the coldest of hearts.

Curious Tales

Curious Tales is a collection of works from times some consider so distant as to now be completely lost. In truth, though they are no more remote to us than a friend of a friend would be. You will find these tales are much more alive than many other things that claim to be living.

Let the wind flick through the pages and carry you away. You will find their inhabitants are not distant at all.  In fact, they are not so very different from us.  

The first collection of tales, After Midnight, Stories of Mystery and the Macabre, is a dark but also delightful sojourn into the unknown. 

After Midnight book cover
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